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this unfastened legal assistant process description pattern template permit you to appeal to an innovative and skilled criminal assistant in your enterprise. we make the hiring procedure one step less difficult via providing you with a template to simply post to our web page. make sure to feature requirements, blessings, and perks precise to the position and your enterprise.

Legal Assistant Job Summary

we are searching for an experienced, dependable prison assistant to join our developing legal group. in this position, you’ll be liable for documenting and know-how criminal lawsuits. organizational and conversation capabilities are a must, as you will play a essential position within the the ordinary working of our felony workplace, with the opportunity to be promoted to paralegal positions inside our company.

Legal Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

  • help lawyers and paralegals
  • converse at once with legal professionals, clerical employees, courtroom personnel contributors, customers, business companies, and expert witnesses
  • answer telephones and take messages
  • create specified spreadsheets and presentations
  • prepare law documents for meetings and review
  • prepare the primary drafts of memos; proofreading prison files, including briefs and pleadings
    agenda appointments and preserve an in depth calendar
  • preserve and prepare documents; update documents with case repute and statistics
  • talk with customers; update clients on case progress

Legal Assistant Requirements and Qualifications

  • revel in as a prison assistant or felony secretary
  • felony secretarial certification
  • familiarity with legal methods
  • pc knowledge, inclusive of word-processing packages, court docket-filing structures, and transcription software
  • strong conversation competencies, verbal and written

Similar Job Titles

  • paralegal
  • legal professional
  • legal professional

Legal Assistant Job Description Template

writing an extraordinary position description is a fundamental element of hiring the first-class candidate to paintings in your corporation. hiring managers ought to now not have to spend limitless hours sifting via hundreds of resumes from unqualified applicants or those who didn’t recognize the activity qualifications. with a nicely-written job description, you could weed out those candidates who are not without a doubt interested in running to your enterprise or aren’t certified for the position. if you take time to jot down a radical and correct function description before the resumes begin rolling in, you will keep time by way of removing sorting through piles of unqualified candidates later. that will help you write a clear job description, we’ve covered a legal assistant process description sample below.

Legal Assistant Job summary

as a legal assistant, you may be tasked with a selection of obligations to support legal professionals, which includes drafting files, carrying out prison research, and preserving and organizing files. you will additionally assist attorneys put together for company meetings, trails, and hearings. you’ll use revolutionary era which include pc software for organizing and managing the statistics and files accumulated at some stage in a case. you also be accountable for using digital database control for electronic discovery related to a tribulation, which include websites, accounting databases, files, statistics, and emails.

Legal Assistant Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • look into case records to ensure the consideration of all applicable records
  • identify suitable substances, felony articles, judicial selections, and laws for assigned cases
  • arrange, analyze, and assemble statistics
  • accumulate and document well-knownshows
  • broaden written statements
  • draft felony arguments for proceedings
  • put together motions and pleadings for submitting in court
  • comfortable affidavits
  • help lawyers in trials
  • song and organize files from case documents to facilitate access and availability to attorneys
  • draft separation agreements, mortgages, and contracts
  • plan estates and establish consider budget
  • control other regulation office staff and delegate responsibilities
  • hold financial facts, tune hours, and invoice customers
  • search criminal information gathered in laptop databases

Legal Assistant Skills and Qualifications

  • excessive faculty diploma or ged
  • legal assistant degree or certification
  • 1+ 12 months revel in
  • familiarity with legal guidelines, felony approaches and protocols, and the court gadget
  • running knowledge of case control software
  • laptop literacy and nice understanding of daily operations of a prison office

Company Profile

supply angel logan, llp is a leading trial and transactions regulation firm. we are regarded for our core strengths in middle marketplace mergers and acquisitions in the economic services and real estate industries. our team is identified as one of the pinnacle law corporations inside the kingdom. our values of excellence, leadership, and community, further to our commitment in your profession, permit us to relaxed a high trendy of excellence. supply angel logan is a pacesetter in instructing employers about the legal guidelines of identical possibility and recognizes the significance of making a staff that displays the numerous groups we serve.

Writing a Job Description Best Practices

even as the above is a fantastic criminal assistant process description sample, there are times wherein you may now not be able to discover an instance to follow. for the ones cases, we’ve indexed a few fundamental fine practices and dos and don’ts to make sure that you get the posting accurate the first time, and keep yourself the hassle of hunting down unqualified applicants one at a time.

  • do appropriately and really listing the name and describe the role in some sentences.
  • do write your task description to hobby applicants and encourage them to apply.
  • don’t list synthetic qualifications or requirements for the process.
  • do describe the advantages of working for your enterprise, which includes the environment, history, and lifestyle.
  • do make certain clarity of the employment terms, along with hourly or salaried, permanent or temporary, and part-time vs. full-time.
  • do make use of specific motion verbs, together with advise, reconcile, or facilitate, as opposed to indistinct motion verbs.
  • don’t include statements bearing on martial repute, religion, gender, or age.
  • do mention the quantity of travel required, the region, whether or not a partial telecommute is allowed, and whether or not or now not compensation could be presented for relocation.
  • do include specific instructions for filing an utility.
    the prison assistant job description pattern above is a great instance of what a function description ought to appear to be to attract and keep the best performers in your agency. an awesome funding now inside the time it takes to create a clean posting will translate right into a treasured return later whilst you discover sparkling, new stars on your group.
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Legal Assistant Job Responsibilities

a properly-written and thorough process obligations section is a vital factor of your felony assistant process description. by portray a image of what jobseekers can anticipate to experience daily or maybe week by means of week, you may entice stronger, greater certified applicants who’ve a clear knowledge of the duties of the location.

following some easy first-rate practices can assist maximize the impact and usefulness of this phase. to efficaciously deliver the expectancies and responsibilities required inside the function, it’s far quality to keep this phase as succinct but comprehensive as feasible. a long laundry listing of wordy expectations may be overwhelming and deter promising candidates, whilst an incomplete or uncertain obligations phase may lure unqualified jobseekers to apply, ensuing in wasted time and power on both ends.

to make sure readability, shape this part of your prison assistant process description with bullet factors, and try to encompass among six and eight outcome-based entries. it’s also useful to begin each line with a powerful verb in the present disturbing.

check with the list below for a few examples of great sample criminal assistant activity responsibilities:

  • assist case improvement with the aid of making ready and filing requests, updating attorneys, scheduling
  • depositions, getting ready and handing over summonses, transcribing dictation and drafting complaints
  • communicate professionally with vital case contacts, along with courtroom personnel and witnesses
    offer administrative guide by organizing calendars and appointments, receiving and routing mail, indexing documents and inputting facts
  • collaborate with legal professional to prepare evidence and design reveals
Legal Assistant Job Specifications

the responsibilities segment can be the maximum big part of your felony assistant process description, but the job qualifications and competencies segment, even though shorter, is just as critical. this phase draws interest to the attributes a candidate desires to carry out properly inside the role. because of the exclusive and critical nature of the work many criminal assistants cope with, locating applicants who are well educated, licensed and skilled is vital. a detailed abilties and characteristics segment facilitates slim down the field and draw in most effective the most qualified applicants.

before scripting this section, it’s far helpful to take a seat down along with your team and write a comprehensive list of the experience, schooling, talents and different qualities you suspect are necessary or beneficial for a potential employee on this role to possess. subsequent, comb via the original list, setting apart the specified traits from those that are just helpful. this method can help beautify the overall readability and effectiveness of your legal assistant job description. use the pattern list below for thought in developing your personal prison assistant task specs for the skills and enjoy section:

  • partner of paralegal research or associated degree
  • at the least 2 years of relevant revel in
  • robust dedication to preserving all confidentiality policies regarding sensitive or non-public information
  • validated typing speed above sixty five wpm
  • superior interest to element and organizational abilties
  • super proofreading abilities, with awesome command of english grammar, punctuation and spelling

Writing Your Legal Assistant Job Description: Dos and Don’ts

writing your legal assistant job description: dos and don’ts
making sure which you write an accurate task description is vital to attracting the top expertise and reducing your task of weeding thru unqualified applicants. after your write your function description, read over those sincere dos and don’ts to ensure that it’s miles accurate.

• do confer with process titles in place of people whilst describing hierarchy.
• do write a entire, accurate, and concise task description.
• don’t use a narrative writing fashion.
• don’t encompass minor or rare obligations that are not unique to the placement.
• do miss useless phrases to preserve sentence structures as simple as viable.
• do use a logical collection whilst describing obligations and duties.

make it easy it to post a resume and for applicants to discover solutions to questions. then motivate them to apply. you’ll get greater consequences that manner, and the more likely you’re to find the pinnacle skills you need running with your crew. hiring the great person for a legal assistant function is less difficult while you put together a clear task description.

Job Summary

responsible for wearing out responsibilities in a prison setting beneath the guidance of lawyers, together with giving prison advice, studying information for court docket instances, and offering cases in court docket.

Primary responsibilities

  • help attorneys in making ready for trials and court proceedings.
  • assist legal professionals in a criminal workplace.
  • check out the information of cases and make certain that each one relevant statistics is considered.
  • discover suitable laws, judicial selections, legal articles, and different materials for assigned cases.
  • compile, analyze, and organize records.
  • gather reveals.
  • prepare written reports.
  • prepare criminal arguments for court cases.
  • draft pleadings and motions filed in courtroom.
  • comfy affidavits.
  • assist legal professionals all through trials.
  • arrange and song documents from case files and lead them to to be had and without problems on hand to
  • attorneys.
  • draft contracts, mortgages, and separation agreements.
  • prepare tax returns.
  • establish believe funds.
  • plan estates.
  • supervise other law office personnel.
  • delegate responsibilities.
  • keep financial facts.
  • seek felony literature saved in computer databases and on cd-rom.
  • music hours and bill to clients.

Paralegal or Legal Assistant

Job description

paralegals and prison assistants at once guide legal professionals and may be required to supervise other prison body of workers, including prison secretaries or file clerks. paralegals might also teach at the job in some jurisdictions, however they’re increasingly more required to obtain levels or certifications from submit-secondary paralegal education applications.

paralegals and criminal assistants have to have computer and technical information as well as robust analytical, communique and organizational talents.

some law corporations select 3 to five years of paralegal experience in a law company or other company criminal department.

Typical duties of a paralegal or legal assistant

helping attorneys in preparing for transactional closings, depositions, hearings, trials and conferences; finishing many administrative tasks, consisting of, working on individual instances or transactions
investigating the real proof of a transaction or case and making ready well-knownshows, charts and diagrams to show records
drafting criminal court documents, inclusive of pleadings, motions, affidavits and subpoenas; transactional files, which includes trusts, wills, contracts and real property leases; and ultimate documents
carrying out recurring discovery
obtaining due diligence substances, along with company certificate of true status, actual estate and title statistics, and securities filings
organizing and tracking files for crucial transactions or case documents, along with pleadings and voluminous discovery files; creating and preserving a case-management database

How to write a Legal Assistant job description

your job description is the primary touchpoint among your organisation and your new hire. with thousands and thousands of human beings attempting to find jobs on indeed every month, a top notch job description assist you to appeal to the maximum qualified candidates to your open role. to get you started, here are some recommendations for creating an effective process description.

Legal Assistant job title

a first rate job identify normally consists of a standard term, stage of enjoy and any special requirements. the general time period will optimize your job identify to expose up in a widespread search for jobs of the same nature. the level of experience will assist you entice the maximum certified applicants with the aid of outlining the amount of duty and earlier knowledge required. and in case your role is specialized, bear in mind which includes the specialization in the process identify as properly. however avoid using internal titles, abbreviations or acronyms to ensure humans understand what your process posting is earlier than clicking.

Examples of Legal Assistant job titles

felony assistant
senior criminal assistant
litigation legal assistant
felony assistant (full-time)

paralegals and felony assistants do a selection of responsibilities to guide attorneys, which includes preserving and organizing files, conducting prison studies, and drafting files.


paralegals and prison assistants generally do the subsequent:

  • look at the records of a case
  • conduct studies on relevant legal guidelines, regulations, and legal articles
  • arrange and keep files in a paper or digital submitting systems
  • gather and set up evidence and other prison files for legal professional review and case practise
  • write reviews to assist attorneys put together for trials
  • draft correspondence and prison files, inclusive of contracts and mortgages
  • get affidavits and different formal statements that may be used as proof in court
  • help attorneys at some stage in trials by coping with well-knownshows, taking notes, or reviewing trial transcripts
  • file reveals, briefs, appeals and other legal files with the courtroom or opposing recommend
  • name customers, witnesses, lawyers, and out of doors vendors to schedule interviews, meetings, and depositions

paralegals and felony assistants help attorneys prepare for hearings, trials, and corporate conferences. but, their particular obligations can also vary depending on the scale of the company and the area of regulation in which the paralegal works.

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in small corporations, paralegals obligations tend to vary extra. in addition to reviewing and organizing files, paralegals can also prepare written reviews that help attorneys decide how to manage their cases. if legal professionals determine to file court cases on behalf of clients, paralegals may also assist put together the felony arguments and draft files to be filed with the courtroom.

in massive corporations, paralegals may match on a specific section of a case, rather than coping with a case from starting to end. as an instance, a litigation paralegal may also most effective evaluation criminal fabric for internal use, maintain reference files, behavior studies for attorneys, or collect and arrange evidence for hearings.

litigation paralegals may also assist attorneys in getting ready for trial through organizing record binders, developing showcase lists, or drafting agreement agreements. some litigation paralegals may additionally assist coordinate the logistics of attending the trial, including booking office area, transporting exhibits and files to the court, and setting up computer systems and other equipment.

paralegals use era and laptop software for handling and organizing the growing quantity of files and facts gathered all through a case. many paralegals use laptop software to catalog files, and to review documents for unique keywords or subjects. because of these obligations, paralegals have to be acquainted with digital database management and be up to date on the present day software program used for digital discovery. digital discovery refers to all digital materials that are associated with an ordeal, which includes emails, records, files, accounting databases, and websites.

paralegals may additionally focus on areas inclusive of litigation, personal injury, corporate regulation, criminal law, employee advantages, intellectual belongings, bankruptcy, immigration, circle of relatives regulation, and actual property. in addition, experienced paralegals may additionally assume supervisory duties, which includes overseeing group initiatives or delegating paintings to different paralegals.

paralegals and criminal assistants regularly work in teams with attorneys, fellow paralegals, and different criminal help group of workers. they’ll also have frequent interactions with clients and third-birthday celebration carriers.

the subsequent are examples of varieties of paralegals:

Corporate paralegals  often help legal professionals put together employee contracts, shareholder agreements, inventory-choice plans, and businesses’ annual financial reviews. company paralegals may screen and assessment government guidelines, to make certain that the employer is conscious of latest prison requirements.

Litigation paralegals preserve documents acquired from clients, behavior research for legal professionals, and retrieve and arrange evidence to be used at depositions and trials.

Legal Assistant Job Description

this legal assistant sample job description can help on your creating a activity software on the way to appeal to job candidates who’re qualified for the process. experience unfastened to revise this task description to satisfy your particular job obligations and activity requirements.

Legal Assistant Job Responsibilities:

complements attorney effectiveness by growing case data, evidence, and settlement options; monitoring instances; helping legal professional’s trial proceedings.

Legal Assistant Job Duties:

maintains instances organized through setting up and organizing files; monitoring calendars; meeting cut-off dates; documenting moves; inputting records into file database and case control software program; confirming case reputation with legal professional.
allows broaden cases via preserving contact with humans concerned inside the case; scheduling depositions; making ready and forwarding summonses and subpoenas; drafting lawsuits; making ready and filing discovery requests; making ready responses to opposing counsel; producing fame reviews.
keeps clients informed by way of preserving touch; speaking case progress.
keeps case costs by verifying terrific balances with lawyer, customers, and companies.
supports case practise by means of making ready case summaries and substances for mediation conferences; making ready pleadings; monitoring and acquiring discovery responses; organizing substances for crew case overview.
complements trial court cases by means of organizing evidence; getting ready reveals; scheduling witnesses; making sure that witnesses are geared up when needed; taking courtroom notes.
updates task know-how through collaborating in educational opportunities; studying professional guides.
accomplishes corporation dreams with the aid of accepting possession for accomplishing new and specific requests; exploring opportunities to add value to activity accomplishments.

Legal Assistant Skills and Qualifications:

reporting talents, research capabilities, felony management abilties, litigation, customer relationships, organisation, planning, attention to element, confidentiality, dependability, client confidentiality

legal assistant job description resume

suitable legal assistants are tough to find, and your resume is a chance so that it will show off credentials that increase your cost above that of the relaxation of the candidates. as almost all felony assistants hold an companion’s diploma and/or a certificate in paralegal research, making sure the ones credentials are seen is vital. enjoy ranks high for each companies and prison corporations, so list info in your beyond roles and accomplishments is a need to. additionally, as laptop certifications and database control talents are in hot demand, make sure these are indexed out inside the technical competencies phase of your resume. get extra thoughts for your resume via sorting out our felony assistant resume instance.

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