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 national paralegal college is located in phoenix, az, but also offers lessons online. this school gives education in four qualifications, with the most reviewed qualifications being paralegal certificate, associate’s degree in legal science, and bachelor’s diploma in enterprise management. time to complete this schooling education ranges from 2 years to four+ years depending at the qualification, with an average time to complete of 2 years. the price to attend country wide paralegal college stages from $5,2 hundred to $65,000 depending at the qualification, with a mean value of $20,000. whilst requested how they paid for their schooling, most reviewers spoke back, “i acquired offers and/or scholarship investment”.

the most generally suggested advantages of attending country wide paralegal university are “flexible magnificence hours” and “properly instructors”, however respondents also stated “helpful profession services” and “precise profession coaching” as top notch benefits. country wide paralegal university has been reviewed 9 instances, with a median score of 4 out of five. approximately 78% of reviewers might recommend countrywide paralegal university to a friend.

 national paralegal college

 national paralegal college, an NCCRS member organization considering that January 2013, affords satisfactory net-primarily based education and schooling for students looking for careers in the paralegal discipline. country wide Paralegal college (NPC) seeks to permit students whose existence make them opt for distance education to gain comprehensive paralegal training and meet their instructional dreams without having to compromise on interactivity and academic first-rate. countrywide Paralegal university gives programs leading to a certificates in Paralegal studies, which can be completed in 7 months; an companion of Paralegal research diploma, which can be finished in 15 months; a Bachelor of commercial enterprise management degree, which can be finished in underneath three years, and a Bachelor of technology in criminal research diploma, which may be completed in below 3 years. All packages include enormously interactive based guides. national Paralegal university is permitted by means of the space training Accrediting fee, that’s listed with the aid of the us department of training and the Council for higher schooling Accreditation as a nationally identified accrediting agency.

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Titles of all evaluated studying studies

ACCOUNTING, business, AND FINANCE guides-national PARALEGAL college

commercial enterprise Ethics (BUS-202)

business Writing (ENG-102)

repayment and advantages (BUS–305)

company financial control (FIN-401)

global Human assets management (BUS-403)

Human assets management (BUS-111)

international business (BUS-201)

labor members of the family and Collective Bargaining (BUS-304)

Macroeconomics (ECO-102)

management records systems (MIS-201)

Microeconomics (ECO-101)

Operations control (BUS-402)

Organizational control and management (BUS-301)

ideas of Accounting (ACC-101)

standards of Finance (FIN-a hundred and one)

ideas of control (man-one hundred and one)

standards of marketing (MAR-one hundred and one)

Recruitment and selection (BUS-302)

Small commercial enterprise control (BUS-401)

education and improvement (BUS-303)

ENGLISH publications-country wide PARALEGAL college

current American Literature (ENG-103)

English Composition I (ENG-101)

English Composition II (ENG-301)

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authorities/history courses-national PARALEGAL college

American authorities (GOV-201)

American history I: Discovery to Reconstruction (HIS-one zero one)

American records II: Westward growth to submit-Vietnam (HIS-102)

Comparative Politics (percent-201)

previously Comparative Politics (POL-201)

law guides-country wide PARALEGAL college

Administrative regulation (PLG-302)

superior Civil Litigation (PLG-402)

superior criminal analysis and Writing (PLG-401)

alternative Dispute resolution (PLG-111)

commercial enterprise law and bankruptcy (PLG-one zero five)

Constitutional law and criminal system (PLG-a hundred and ten)

Contracts (PLG-102)

criminal regulation (PLG-103)

domestic members of the family (PLG-107)

Drafting Contracts and agreement Provisions (PLG-403)

E-Discovery (PLG-306)

Employment regulation (PLG-202)

Environmental regulation (PLG-203)

Federal profits Taxation (PLG-201)

Immigration regulation (PLG-204)

laws of cyberspace (PLG-407)

legal guidelines of borrowers and creditors (PLG-305)

legal guidelines of evidence (PLG-301)

criminal report practise (PLG-404)

prison research, Writing, and Civil Litigation (PLG-108)

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Patents, emblems, and Copyrights (PLG-112)

professional duty and felony Ethics (PLG-109)

Public Communications regulation (PLG-303)

actual property (PLG-104)

Torts and personal injury (PLG-101)

believe Drafting (PLG-405)

White Collar Crime (PLG-304)

Wills, Trusts, and Estates (PLG-106)

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mathematics AND science guides-country wide PARALEGAL college

college Algebra (MAT–101)

university Geometry (MAT-103)

Earth technology (SCI-103)

Environmental technological know-how (SCI-301)

thoughts in arithmetic (MAT-201)

introduction to lifestyles approaches (SCI-102)

creation to probability and information (MAT-102)

The science of nutrition (SCI-a hundred and one)

MISCELLANEOUS guides-countrywide PARALEGAL college

creation to Sociology (SOC-201)

Media and Cultural Literacy (SOC-202)

formerly Media and Cultural Literacy (MED-201)

route categories

Accounting, commercial enterprise, and Finance publications-country wide Paralegal university

English courses-national Paralegal college

authorities/history publications-national Paralegal college

regulation publications-countrywide Paralegal university

arithmetic and technology publications-country wide Paralegal university

Miscellaneous courses-national paralegal college

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