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the paralegal course is to be had on weekdays and weekends to suit your time table. a success graduates will receive a certificates.

the free paralegal certificate course is the cornerstone of our chamber, care, ijlef, and figeroux & friends, an academic empowerment challenge to assist members of our community achieve activity training in one of the fastest-growing careers inside the usa.

Paralegal Studies Online

paralegals are prison professionals who assist legal professionals in all areas of the regulation. an attorney may additionally delegate any legal paintings to a paralegal except tasks that contain giving prison advice or representing a purchaser in court docket (although paralegals may also assist at trial). iowa prohibits the practice of regulation by means of non-attorneys.

kirkwood community college is a longstanding member of the yankee association for paralegal schooling. kirkwood’s paralegal research enables put together college students for access-stage positions within the paralegal career. the plan of examine additionally provides career-enhancing credentials for human beings already hired in law related work. graduates work in law firms, company legal departments, and other enterprise and governmental workplaces which include prosecutors’ workplaces, banks, identify companies and insurance companies. this system coordinator shall have discretion to assess and approve the transfer of all legal forte publications. a maximum transfer of 12 credits of criminal specialty direction work is permitted. college students planning to pursue a diploma at a 4-yr organization follow the liberal arts application requirements at the same time as at kirkwood, completing standard training and paralegal non-obligatory publications that prepare them to switch.

graduates who’ve long gone directly to law college after finishing their bachelor’s degree have found their paralegal schooling at kirkwood served as an extremely good pre-regulation revel in. similarly, any pupil wishing to discover a prison profession will find software publications useful. introduction to law, the first program direction, satisfies three credit hours of social technological know-how requirement towards an a.a or a.a.s. diploma. it’s far encouraged that you paintings closely along with your paralegal guide.

paralegal courses

Description of paralegal courses

all plst publications carry two credit hours unless cited otherwise.

PLST 331 Introduction to Paralegal Studies this direction gives an introduction to the function and resources of yank law (along with the u.s. charter), the yankee prison gadget, and felony exercise, focusing on the position of the paralegal. recent developments, specially in regard to regulatory proposals affecting paralegals, are emphasised. the direction also examines paralegal career troubles and affords an outline of the civil litigation method.

PLST 332 Legal Research & Writing I. this course introduces college students to the basics of criminal studies and focuses on finding, studying and updating case law. students practice the usage of numerous reference books inside the law library as well as the online services (lexis and westlaw).

PLST 333 Legal Research & Writing II. this path maintains to explore the variety of legal reference sources. it focuses on locating, reading and updating statutory and administrative regulation. college students practice using diverse reference books within the regulation library as well as the web offerings (lexis and westlaw). this path additionally covers basic practices in criminal correspondence.

PLST 334 Legal Research & Writing III. this path evaluations criminal research techniques and makes a speciality of the improvement of simple studies approach. college students exercise reading prison authority in case regulation and statutes and discover ways to expand a felony argument. one or greater research memoranda are assigned; outlines and rewrites are required. stipulations: plst 332 felony studies & writing i and plst 333 legal research & writing ii.

PLST 335 Legal Ethics. this direction specializes in the ethical considerations inside the practice of law that paralegals are probable to come across, specially the unauthorized exercise of law, purchaser confidentiality and conflicts of interest. lawyer and paralegal moral codes are tested. prerequisite: plst 331 creation to paralegal research.

PLST 336 Corporate Topics for Litigation Paralegals. this path introduces the principles of organization regulation and the six primary varieties of commercial enterprise groups: sole proprietorships, partnerships (preferred, registered restricted liability and limited), constrained liability corporations and organizations. this path additionally covers the basics of agreement regulation, specifically contractual factors (contractual capacity, provide and popularity, consideration, legality, and contractual reason) and trendy contractual provisions.

PLST 339 Secured Transactions & Bankruptcy. this course covers uniform business code article nine (secured transactions) and federal financial ruin regulation, on the whole as it applies to companies. prerequisite: plst 336 company topics for litigation paralegals or plst 362 business corporations.

PLST 340 Civil Litigation I. this direction introduces the civil litigation procedure in kingdom (illinois) and federal courts, and court cases in administrative agencies usually. it focuses on the preliminary stages of that manner. college students will learn to behavior consumer interviews and pre-litigation investigations, and to draft the pleadings starting up lawsuits and court cases thru pre-trial movement exercise.

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PLST 341 Civil Litigation II. this path maintains the have a look at of the litigation procedure with the invention, trial, and submit-trial degrees. discovery subjects consist of interrogatories, depositions, record production (such as e-discovery) and inspection requests, bodily and mental examinations, and requests for admission. different subjects consist of evidentiary problems, agreement negotiations, employer of case documents, record control structures, trial instruction, trial procedure, and submit-trial lawsuits. overviews of administrative hearings and alternative dispute decision are also supplied. prerequisite: plst 340 civil litigation i.

PLST 342 Civil Litigation III. this course develops practical competencies via arms-on education in software programs (e.g., concordance) typically used for litigation help, including electronic filing, e-discovery, case management, document control, and trial presentation. students may be able to help legal professionals in making ready for and conducting trials. prerequisites: plst 340 civil litigation i and plst 341 civil litigation ii.

PLST 343 Real Estate Transactions I. this path introduces the principles of actual estate ownership and real property sales transactions. special emphasis is given to the instruction of documents required for real estate transactions: purchase/sale agreements, deeds and other ultimate documents, identify insurance commitments and guidelines, and surveys. pre- or co-requisite: plst 336 company subjects for litigation paralegals or plst 362 business organizations.

PLST 344 Real Estate Transactions II. . this direction keeps the examine of real property transactions, examining problems that get up in all real estate transactions and in particular the documentation and final of these transactions. industrial actual estate leasing is also protected. conditions: plst 336 company subjects for litigation paralegals or plst 362 enterprise companies, and plst 343 real property transactions i.

PLST 345 Law Office Computer Applications. this path develops practical competencies thru fingers-on instruction in software program programs usually utilized in law offices: word processing (templates, redlining, tables), spreadsheets (monetary facts, charts and graphs), pdf management (creating and mixing .pdfs, developing a portfolio, redacting, including safety) and presentation snap shots.

PLST 346 Advanced Litigation Computer Applications. this route offers additional instruction in on-line resources and software program programs (e.g., concordance) used for litigation aid. conditions: plst 342 civil litigation iii and plst 345 regulation office laptop applications

PLST 348 Advanced Online Research Skills. this direction focuses on advanced online research techniques for paralegals and specifically develops competencies within the green use of digital assets and the assessment of sources. prerequisite: plst 332 prison research & writing i or plst 333 felony research & writing ii

PLST 349 Torts. . this route introduces civil tort liability, including the intentional torts, negligence, strict legal responsibility, and product legal responsibility. the path specializes in the role of the paralegal in private injury litigation. college students study customer interviewing techniques and exercise those skills. simple authentic investigation is likewise blanketed.

PLST 350 Medical Malpractice. this route focuses in particular on negligence proceedings brought towards fitness care corporations and fitness care experts, from each the plaintiff’s and defendant’s viewpoints. the emphasis is on illinois regulation and regulations of technique and on realistic competencies for locating and organizing scientific information.

PLST 351 Intellectual Property: Patents & Trade Secrets.  this direction introduces the terminology, primary ideas and documentation requirements of patent protection. students study the problem rely of patents, the concept of patentability, the patent utility process and patent infringement litigation. exchange mystery misappropriation is likewise considered.

PLST 352 Intellectual Property: Trademarks & Copyrights. this direction introduces the terminology, primary concepts and documentation requirements of trademark and copyright protection. registration procedures and infringement disputes also are blanketed.

PLST 353 Securities Regulation. this path offers with the federal and nation law of securities transactions. students learn the way the inventory market works and the jobs of brokers, experts and underwriters. the path specializes in the requirements for public services of inventory, appreciably the registration assertion and prospectus, in addition to the anti-fraud provisions. prerequisite: plst 336 company subjects for litigation paralegals or plst 362 business organizations.

PLST 355 Estates, Trusts & Wills. this route introduces fundamental concepts of property and believe administration. the emphasis is at the practical elements of management of estates and trusts for the paralegal. probate proceedings in illinois will be included, inclusive of the instruction of probate court pleadings, inventories, collection and valuation of assets, distribution of property to beneficiaries, and accountings. an outline of tax issues can be furnished. if time lets in, guardianships for disabled adults may be mentioned.

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PLST 357 Family Law. this direction deals with the laws governing circle of relatives relationships, mainly the illinois marriage and dissolution of marriage act and related statutes. it specializes in such sensible factors as research, practise of pleadings and different files, court techniques, agreement agreements, and publish-decree modifications. a brief overview of adoption and paternity proceedings is likewise supplied.

PLST 358 Criminal Law & Litigation. this route examines the purpose and scope of considerable crook law, considering such topics as the elements of numerous crimes towards humans and assets, crook legal responsibility and punishment, and defenses to crimes. procedural topics are also emphasised, along with the practise of court docket bureaucracy and pleadings usually used in the criminal trial procedure. illinois regulation is used to demonstrate those topics.

PLST 359 Environmental Law. this direction surveys numerous foremost federal environmental statutes regulating water first-rate, waste control and remediation of dangerous materials (superfund). the point of interest is on problems main to enforcement proceedings. research strategies for this technical vicinity also are addressed.

PLST 360 Employment Law. this course affords an overview of the criminal courting among employers and employees, which includes the employment-at-will doctrine, employment contracts, federal and kingdom anti-discrimination legal guidelines, and worker’s compensation court cases. administrative strategies as well as courtroom moves are studied.

PLST 361 Immigration Law.  this route presents an outline of u.s. immigration law with an emphasis at the paralegal’s position. it examines the legal framework of immigration law, the records of immigration regulation within the united states, and contemporary coverage considerations. topics consist of preparation of visa packages, the admission and elimination of immigrants and non-immigrants, citizenship and naturalization, and humanitarian comfort. the path focuses on report organisation and practise, working with customers, litigation help, prison research, and coping with moral dilemmas.

PLST 362 Business Organizations. this route makes a speciality of the formation and operation of sole proprietorships, partnerships (popular, confined, and restrained liability), confined liability corporations, and corporations. practise of widespread paperwork and agreements can be emphasised. due diligence approaches for mergers and acquisitions and different transactions might be included.

PLST 363 Contract Administration & Analysis. this path focuses on each not unusual-law and uniform commercial code (ucc) article 2 contracts. the factors of a valid settlement might be studied, in addition to general contractual provisions and basic standards of contract interpretation. college students will paintings with several pattern contracts (e.g., a confidentiality/nondisclosure agreement, a licensing settlement, and a widespread change settlement).

PLST 366 Litigation & Investigation for Corporate Paralegals. . this path introduces the civil litigation method in country (illinois) and federal courts, from the preliminary phases of pre-litigation investigations and pleadings thru the invention, trial, and post-trial levels. technological innovations affecting civil litigation, which include digital court docket filing and e-discovery procedures, can be given unique emphasis.

PLST 368 Corporate Compliance Topics. this direction presents a top level view of various regulatory provisions applicable to the financial offerings industry, which includes the anti-money laundering (aml) and business continuity plans (bcp) policies, the foreign corrupt practices act, and insider buying and selling prohibitions. compliance with the necessities of those legal guidelines will be the focal point of the path. students will study practices and methods to monitor and report compliance with those laws. pre-considered necessary: plst 362 commercial enterprise agencies or plst 336 company subjects for litigation paralegals

PLST 369 Advanced Topics in American Law (3 credit hours).  this course will build on students’ expertise of the yank criminal system, examining the role of regulation in 21st century american society. the direction will awareness on the translation of decided on portions of the u.s. constitution and their impact on american existence. this route is confined to college students pursuing the b.a. in paralegal research.

PLST 370 Advanced Legal Analysis & Writing I (3 credit hours). this route will offer students with full-size exercise in analyzing and summarizing case law, with unique attention to the rationale for court docket choices and the usage of precedent, as well as statutory and administrative regulation. this direction will cognizance on evaluation in preference to retrieval of legal reference sources. this route is limited to students pursuing the b.a. in paralegal studies.

PLST 371 Advanced Legal Analysis & Writing II (3 credit hours). this route will awareness at the interplay of case law, statutory regulation, and administrative law in resolving criminal troubles. college students will learn to develop legal arguments and write a felony memorandum. 2 credit. prerequisite: plst 370 advanced prison evaluation & writing i. this direction is limited to students pursuing the b.a. in paralegal studies.

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PLST 398 Internship this path presents practical experience (120 hours on website online) for advanced students in applying paralegal abilties inside decided on regulation companies, corporate regulation departments and governmental corporations. college students maintain a magazine, participate in on-line discussions with other pupil interns, and write a record evaluating their enjoy. prerequisite: consent of director and of entirety of 12-14 semester hours of study. internships are typically finished in a pupil’s ultimate or 2d-remaining term of take a look at. all institute internships are unpaid and simplest one internship can be completed for credit toward a certificate.

free online paralegal courses

paralegal courses this paralegal path is a self-paced, on-line course with the chief purpose of providing college students with the legal knowledge and sensible abilities essential to becoming gifted, ethical paralegals. individuals are prepared for running below the supervision of an lawyer appearing a large type of felony obligations. college students will learn about the paralegal career, gift and future. other regions included will include a formal advent to law and the history of yankee regulation, the court docket machine, and sizeable law. legal terminology and abilities regarding civil litigation and criminal analysis and writing will assist put together the scholar for the project of today’s paralegal.

students turns into acquainted with the up-and-coming computer programs and software as they relate to the regulation workplace, in addition to an creation to computer-assisted legal studies. this course will provide a stable basis for the a success destiny paralegal/legal assistant.

this six-path series will offer you with the capabilities and knowledge you will need to carry out the fundamental responsibilities of a paralegal. by the time you finish this collection, you may have a strong know-how of what sports a paralegal have to perform and how to carry out them. if you are interested by turning into a paralegal, finishing this program will take you one step closer to your aim. but, please understand that that is a non-credit program and it does now not lead to any form of expert certification or a diploma.

paralegal i
welcome to paralegal courses, the first segment of the paralegal certificates route© presented online. this online course represents the culmination of thirty (30) years of “stay” classroom practise of this route for liberal arts and pre-regulation college students at predominant universities across the us. to serve overseas students and regulation firm employees overseas, as well as humans dwelling a long way from our stay lecture room lecture locations, we started out offering this course on a vhs format in 1987. now, with this interactive on line layout, we’re overcoming the boundaries of distance and time through bringing the lecture room into your workplace or dwelling room. this interactive paralegal certificate route© gives guided training and, in a few instances, credit score hours with which to paintings toward a diploma. plus, students efficiently completing both phase 1 and section 2 will acquire a paralegal certificates of entirety from their chosen, sponsoring university.

as soon as registered, your password and get entry to records will be emailed to you in time for the begin of class.

this direction will provide you with complete knowledge of the yankee judicial gadget. it’s going to also teach you sensible capabilities such as a way to help trial attorneys, interview witnesses, investigate complex truth styles, studies the regulation, and assist in getting ready instances for courtroom litigation.

paralegal i:

creation to paralegal research presents the muse for the observe of paralegalism. all through the seven week course, you will gain an knowledge of the american felony gadget and learn how you may be of assistance inside the exciting discipline of regulation. coursework in paralegal i is equal to 45 elegance hours of look at.

this path is the primary of publications leading to a paralegal certificates. successful crowning glory of both section 1 and segment 2 of the paralegal certificates path© will result in a paralegal certificate issued from the sponsoring college of your desire. (california paralegals might also want to finish advanced coursework to satisfy the requirements of latest regulation, california enterprise and professional code §6450. please click right here for more records. new mexico paralegals need to meet additional education requirements as set forth in rule 20-a hundred and fifteen nmra. please click on right here for more records.) the course is designed to educate students to paintings as paralegals, offer advanced prison employees with additional capabilities, and teach college students within the american prison system.

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