paralegal studies online

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Online Paralegal Studies Program Boston University has been dedicated to its mission of providing accessible programs that promote professional growth and meet exacting criteria of academic excellence. As part of this aim, BU is pleased to supply the completely online Paralegal Studies Program–a more concentrated, convenient method to develop the abilities required to excel as a paralegal and gain a competitive advantage in your career hunt.

paralegal studies online

Pairing academic rigor with all the ease of online learning, the program comes with a program that is both flexible and comprehensive. Consisting of modules which explore everything in the technology and resources utilized by paralegals from the area to the principles of popular regions of law, the application offers aspiring paralegals the opportunity to create the particular expert know-how that companies are seeking. Those already in the area may also benefit by learning new foundational legal understanding, further developing their own writing and research abilities.

The certification program Delivers a number of different Advantages to its pupils , such as:

  1. See our online Paralegal Studies Program summary with Joe Spada
  2. Interaction with BU school –all these practicing lawyers who bring their experience to the classroom
    A comprehensive, affordable cost
  3. An intensive course of study Which Can Be completed in only 14 months
  4. A distinctive technology module that Offers hands-on Knowledge in the Most Recent software used by paralegals
  5. Access to a community of peers in the area to assist students expand their professional community
  6. The capacity to complete coursework from anywhere in a convenient online format

See Our Present Webinar

Become a Licensed: Setting Yourself Up for Success at a High-demand Profession
View a recording of a comprehensive demonstration given by program manager Joseph P. Spada researching the many aspects of getting and functioning as a paralegal, such as:

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  1. The key job functions performed by paralegals
  2. Certification hiring tendencies
  3. Transitioning to the area
  4. Things to look for in paralegal instruction

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