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what is a virtual paralegal?

a digital paralegal is a self-hired, independent contractor with the ability to provide the identical legal support as an in-residence paralegal with a totally enormous distinction. a digital paralegal performs obligations which includes felony file training; reviewing, organizing and retaining customer files; acting felony studies, and many others. – all from the paralegal’s domestic-based office. a virtual paralegal saves you heaps of dollars in overhead charges, along with workplace area, furniture, system, software program, taxes, coverage, vacation and sick pay, medical insurance and different commonly presented employment benefits including life coverage or retirement fund contributions.

you may lease a virtual paralegal for a unmarried assignment or use her for all your help desires. contracting a virtual paralegal, instead of a temp or full-time in-office paralegal, negates having to pay enterprise hiring expenses or spend limitless hours in education, and we do the work whilst you need it, without a down time or wasted hours with washroom breaks, espresso breaks, or workplace chitchat. speaking of chitchat, you furthermore may shield your self from all of those wasted hr hours for in-house worker conflicts!

by means of partnering with a digital paralegal, you can literally store your enterprise hundreds of greenbacks annually!

chances are that our virtual paralegal is extra skilled, greater efficient, and better

connected than the standard new hire. as such, we need to dedicate a ways much less time to the project to

get the identical results, simplest 20 hours a week as opposed to forty for the new employee.

your employee’s eight hour day can be crunched into three-4 hours with a virtual paralegal.

What You Should Know About Becoming A Virtual Paralegal

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