what is paralegal studies

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casper university offers a paralegal studies accomplice diploma and prepares its students for transfer to bachelor’s degree packages. we additionally offer a post bachelor’s criminal assistant certificate.

our studies guides provide our students with legal research capabilities, reality research capabilities, and computer assisted legal research abilties with westlaw. other publications offer students with skills in digesting depositions, organizing case documents, and drafting of discovery files, wills, contracts, business enterprise bureaucracy, and circle of relatives law documents. college students also arrange a tribulation notebook, interview professional witnesses, research evidentiary troubles, draft a settlement brochure, put together a clinical chronology, and draft jury commands. our college students are assisted in activity placement thru a process seek seminar and internships.

college students are advocated to take the c.p. exam (certified paralegal exam) which is offered 3 times a year at casper college. a review route is offered each fall to put together for this exam. the c.p. credential is a requirement for many roles and is a nationally recognized credential.

observe: graduates are not legal to offer direct criminal offerings to the public. the paralegal software presents training for paralegals who are legal to carry out sizeable felony work below the supervision of a attorney. a paralegal can not set up the relationship with a client, set costs, constitute a patron in court or provide prison advice. college students with criminal convictions might not be capable of achieve traditional paralegal positions. switch college students can also best switch nine (nine) hours of felony distinctiveness publications.



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